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More than 850 species of tropical cichlids

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Cape Maclear Scuba

has been making the incredible underwater world of Lake Malawi available to divers for 18 years, giving them unmatchable experience and knowledge of the lake. Offering the full range of PADI courses and casual dives to those already certified, they have Scubapro equipment, brand new wetsuits and maintain the highest of safety standards, to ensure you can relax and enjoy your experience.

Lake Malawi National Park

was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984 to protect the unique marine life of thousands of tropical fish including over 850 species of cichlids. The stunning underwater scenery of boulders and canyons gives an impressive backdrop to the abundant marine life. With warm clear water, Lake Malawi provides some of the world’s best freshwater diving and was filmed and featured in David Attenborough’s recent BBC series – Planet Earth.

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