Scuba Diver

If you’re short on time but really want to get certified, why not opt for the PADI scuba diver which covers 3/5 of the course and certifies you to 12m. And dont worry, if you want to progress to the full Open Water course on your next holiday, you can just finish the remaining part of the course with no repeats!

Consisting of 3 out of 5 knowledge reviews, 3 out of 5 confined skill sessions and 2 out of 4 open water dives, you’re well on your way to the full PADI open water certification. And dont worry, this course will count as credit when you have time to upgrade to the full certification and in the meantime certifies you to 12m when diving with a PADI professional.

Prerequisites: no previous diving experience necessary
Minimum age: 10 years for Junior Scuba Diver / 15 years for Scuba Diver
Duration: 1.5 days
Maximum depth open water: 12m
Price: $250

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